Apple and event apps

The Apple Effect

Looking back at 2017, you’ll recall that Apple announced controversial changes to its app guidelines designed to reduce the number of low-quality apps and spam in the App Store. After listening to feedback from event industry professionals and app developers, they revised their guidelines on templated apps.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Zerista is about making meaningful connections. With decades of experience in the event industry, our team has created one of the most comprehensive, customizable, and intuitive event apps on the market. This Valentine’s Day, we’d like to share the love our team has received from awesome clients like you. Here’s what you … Read More

Resolutions for Event Planners

New Year’s Resolutions for Event Planners

It’s that time of year again: a brand new year is upon us and New Year’s Resolutions are top of mind. Maybe you’re going over last year’s events and wondering what you can improve or maybe you’re eager to get the new year started right. Either way, here are some simple steps you can take … Read More

Apple Revised App Store Guidelines

Apple Revises Guidelines

In August of 2017, Apple announced a controversial change to its app guidelines prohibiting the use of templates and other app generation services. The change was intended to reduce the number of low-quality apps and spam in the Apple app store but ended up having a huge impact on many legitimate industries, including ours. We … Read More

What a year!

It’s been a fantastic year and we’d like to thank you all for another great year of events! Looking forward to 2018 and serving you even better!  Have a Happy New Year!

From Tech Crunch

Interesting New Article from TechCrunch

Apple revises its controversial guidelines on template-based apps Apple today announced it’s amending the App Store guideline that banned apps created using templates and other app generation services. When the company revised its policies earlier this year, the move was meant to reduce the number of low-quality apps and spam. But the decision ended up impacting a … Read More

Event Apps 2.0

Event Apps 2.0

Welcome to the Universal App The buzz you’ve heard is true. The event industry is turning away from templated white label apps toward a better option: the era of the universal app has arrived. At Zerista, all events will be housed under a single app called Your Event powered by Zerista. We believe the change … Read More

The Future of Event Apps

The Future of Event Apps

What You Need to Know By now you’ve probably heard about changes to Apple’s App Store Guidelines and its impact on event apps. Specifically, Rule 4.2.6 stipulates that “apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.” This means that Apple will no longer allow companies to produce white-label event apps. … Read More

Where should my next meeting be?

How to Choose Your Next Meeting Destination

What’s the first order of business when putting together a conference? For many event organizers, the first consideration is location. In fact, there’s not much you can plan until you’ve decided where to host your event. With so many amazing cities in the US and throughout the world, what factors will help you narrow it … Read More

4 Worst-Ever Conference Foods

4 Worst-Ever Conference Foods

Have you been assigned the difficult task of choosing the menus for your next conference? Take a moment to consider the immediate effect food can have on your mood and ability to focus. Conference #foodgoals should include helping attendees refuel and recharge so they can stay awake and engaged for their next meeting. Instead, conferences … Read More