4 Worst-Ever Conference Foods

4 Worst-Ever Conference Foods

Have you been assigned the difficult task of choosing the menus for your next conference? Take a moment to consider the immediate effect food can have on your mood and ability to focus. Conference #foodgoals should include helping attendees refuel and recharge so they can stay awake and engaged for their next meeting. Instead, conferences … Read More

5 ways to better manage your event

5 Ways to Better Manage Your Event

Attention to detail matters in many professions, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a job where it matters more than event planning. With plenty of pressure to ensure everything goes according to plan, event planners have to find a way to not only remember all the details, but to do them better. Read on for … Read More

Possible Changes For Apple App Store

You may have heard the buzz about upcoming changes to Apple’s App Store Guidelines and its potential impact on branded event apps. Depending on how Apple decides to enforce its new guidelines, all vendors in our industry will be forced to change the way their apps operate. The changes will require event app vendors to … Read More


Beacons vs. GeoFencing

Proximity tracking devices like Beacons and GeoFences are used to identify a user’s proximity to a location. Organizers can use this technology to understand where their attendees are and what they’re doing during an event. Based on this information, you’ll be able to tailor direct communications through attendee’s mobile devices. Think of Beacons and GeoFences … Read More

Why Your Event Needs Games

If you’re looking for fun, interactive ways to keep your attendees engaged, you’ll want to choose an event app with built-in gaming capabilities. Harnessing gaming trends at your next event can have a big impact on the productivity and satisfaction level of your attendees. Here’s why: