Strategies to Motivate Attendee Interaction

Strategies to Motivate Attendee Interaction

Your event app is a great way to get your attendees to interact with your event. The more your attendees engage, the better their event experience will be. Read on for strategies event planners can use to encourage attendees to interact at your next conference, hosted buyer event, or trade show!

Get the Most Out of Your Event App

How to Get the Most Out of Your Event App

Are you an event planner that’s ready to kick your event experience into high-gear? Start by making sure you’re getting the most out of your event app! Our simple, actionable tips ensure that you, your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors get the most out of your event app!

Summer Event Goals

Summer Conference Ideas

As an event planner, how do you ensure your attendees don’t mind spending their summer at your event? Add some classic fun and nostalgia with Zerista’s summer-themed event ideas! From the largest trade show events and conferences, to smaller meetings and hosted buyer events, take a cue from classic summer favorites to make the most … Read More


App Automation Puts Time On Your Side

Zerista’s industry-leading event app doesn’t only make it easy for your guests to engage with your event, it also automates many of the tedious tasks that eat up an event organizer’s time. Want to check items off your to-do list in record time? Here’s what Zerista can do for you:

Take Your Event to the Next Level

Take Your Event to the Next Level

  As an event planner, you know that getting people to your event is one thing but getting them to participate is another! Make your conference, trade show, or hosted buyer event more memorable, exciting, and valuable by thinking carefully about audience engagement. Ensuring your audience is consistently engaged not only improves your attendee experience, … Read More

Tips for Planning Overseas Events

Top Tips for Planning an Overseas Event

When you think about planning an overseas event, the first thing that probably comes to an event organizer’s mind is more work! Yes, an overseas event requires a clearly defined scope, tons of research, and extra planning, but if you give yourself extra lead time [read: 18 months], you might just find the reward is … Read More