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With a world-class support team, and an intuitive event app, Zerista has taken many large enterprise clients into the digital age

Our mobile technology is being used in the corporate segment for both external events (sales, partners, consumers) and internal events (incentive meetings, training, recruitment).

Zerista's offering includes

  • Industry-leading Security
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Role-Based Permissions: Segment audiences based on roles and offer each user a personalized experience including unique content, sessions, and search results.
  • Data Compliance
  • Private Social Network
  • Secure Attendee Networking
  • Established APIs: Zerista has integrated with over 180 systems and is built to integrate.

  • “Fantastic!”
  • “Seamless.”
  • “Irreplaceable.”

Conference organizers love our integrations experts

We integrate with all of the best companies in the industry, most of them you’re probably already using. If you have a way to push us data, we’ll make the process as seamless as possible.



Surveys & RFID
Gimbal Technologies


When you give rewards, you’ll receive rewards.

Get your clients into the game. Zerista makes gaming easy to setup for you, and fun to play for your customers. Bring out the competitive nature in your audience to increase their digital interaction with your event.

Live Leaderboard

Award points for key actions within the app, motivating your audience to improve their scores and rise to the top within a fun, competitive environment. Decide which interactions get how many points, drive specific behaviors, and put interaction activation on autopilot.

Custom Achievements

Keep attendees coming back to the app with unique incentives, promoting key behaviors and rewarding interactions. From adding a session, to live, time-based QR code scans, we’ll help you design a gaming strategy that best suits your event and its content.

One Show, Multiple Games

Let your audience play multiple games, from one app. Setup custom rules for attendees vs exhibitors, or create different games for different days, Zerista supports several game modes to engage different audiences at one show.

Integrate RFID

With Zerista’s RFID integration, you can automatically identify who’s nearby and where who’s been by capturing interaction data to improve engagement on the show floor.

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