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Six QR Code Do’s and Don’ts at Events

If you’re feeling confused about Quick Response (QR) codes, you’re not alone.

On the one hand, the mobile technology for decoding these boxy, two-dimensional barcodes has never been more widely available. These ingenious symbols add a digital dimension to physical objects, encoding complicated URLs that users would never attempt to key by hand, whisking them away to any Web destination the marketer chooses. Continue reading »

Mobile Apps — As Essential As Coffee At Your Events

events-coffeAs an event producer, you know that attendees now expect mobile access to show materials and social interaction at the show. What if you could provide that technology for a cost that works for your budget?

Zerista, the award-winning event management software provider, gives you the tools to integrate all your show data into one platform and deliver it to any mobile and web device. Continue reading »

Far More Than an Event Directory, Zerista Puts Trade Show Organizers in Control

phone-with-zerista-on-it1More Than Directory

Far more than the printed show directory — Zerista delivers a dynamic platform to be accessed by attendees through multiple devices — iPhone, iPad, Android, Mobile Web. This will be a direct benefit for sponsors and exhibitors who have the ability to connect easier to prospects, schedule meetings, and share marketing messages via collateral, video, demonstrations, and giveaways. Continue reading »