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Apple revises its controversial guidelines on template-based apps Apple today announced it’s amending the App Store guideline that banned apps created using templates and other app generation services. When the company revised its policies earlier this year, the move was meant to reduce the number of low-quality apps and spam. But the decision ended up impacting a … Read More

Event Apps 2.0

Event Apps 2.0

Welcome to the Universal App The buzz you’ve heard is true. The event industry is turning away from templated white label apps toward a better option: the era of the universal app has arrived. At Zerista, all events will be housed under a single app called Your Event powered by Zerista. We believe the change … Read More

Where should my next meeting be?

How to Choose Your Next Meeting Destination

What’s the first order of business when putting together a conference? For many event organizers, the first consideration is an appropriate destination . In fact, there’s not much you can plan until you’ve decided a location. With so many amazing cities in the US and throughout the world, what factors will help you narrow it … Read More

4 Worst-Ever Conference Foods

4 Worst-Ever Conference Foods

Have you been assigned the difficult task of choosing the menus for your next conference? Take a moment to consider the immediate effect foods can have on your mood and ability to focus. Conference #foodgoals should include helping attendees refuel and recharge so they can stay awake and engaged for their next meeting. Instead, conferences … Read More

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