Trade Shows with a Twist: 5 Expo-Alternatives Exhibitors & Sponsors Love

TODAY’S trade show producers—and attendees—are welcoming alternative approaches to expo experiences with a common theme: innovation. Technology and apps are leading a revival in this new twist on B2B events, and organizers report higher productivity, a stronger return on investment and lower costs, compared to traditional approaches. In recent years, we’ve seen new meeting formats … Read More

Hot New Event App Features You May Have Missed

With spring and summer events finally winding down, we’ve had a few minutes to breath here at Zerista. And, we realized, many people may have missed some of this year’s most exciting releases.  Ranging from simple to complex, we’ve rolled out a long list of things during the busiest few months in our history.

Mad Tech!

Whether or not you are a fan of Mad Men, the show has arguably become as iconic as the time period it portrays. Over the years, we’ve watched the evolution of the characters and their story lines set against the backdrop of (some volatile) historical events that shaped generations to follow. It also brought back … Read More

Case Study: Helping Campden Wealth Expand Attendee Engagement

For over 15 years, Campden Wealth has facilitated business opportunities through networking events. Helping connect businesses with families looking to invest, Campden’s strategy focused on one-on-one meetings providing stakeholders the ability to meet and discuss. The most challenging aspect was the scheduling of these meetings. Using an old registration system, clients had a hard time … Read More