Name Something Every One of Your Attendees Has in Common

All Attendees Have Smartphones

They All Have Smartphones

Why engage with your attendees via their smartphones? Because it’s the device they use most. In 2017, there were over 178 billion mobile app downloads on smartphones worldwide and that number is only expected to grow. Here’s why a mobile event app is a ‘must have’ at your next conference, hosted buyer event, or tradeshow:

Super-Charge Engagement

attendee engagementAn event app is the best way to completely transform an attendee’s experience. They’ll connect with meaningful content and they’ll facilitate meetings with the right people. As an event organizer, you’ll have the opportunity to initiate a conversation with every attendee and ensure they receive the most value from your event.

Track Your Attendee’s Digital Footprint

Digital FootprintAre you keeping track of what your attendees are doing and when they’re doing it? Zerista’s analytical tools provide a goldmine of critical information to help you capture and analyze this data. You’ll answer questions like this and more

  • How many attendees used the app & how much did they use it?
  • How many sessions and meetings were scheduled?
  • Who utilized the messaging feature?
  • How much social media activity did my event receive?
  • Which were the top exhibitors and sponsors?
  • How much time did attendees spend on the app vs the website?
  • Did attendees utilize the app to access collateral materials like handouts, videos, and PDFs?

It’s Green

It's GreenAn event app eliminates the need to print hard copy programs and other documents while making them easier to access at the same time. You’ll lower your event’s carbon footprint and avoid printing and shipping costs. Plus, every event planner knows that schedule changes are inevitable. Using an event app means you’ll avoid the exorbitant cost of reprinting programs at the last minute.

To learn more about Zerista and all of its features, click here.

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