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Zerista and HERE

In a few short years, Zerista has evolved to become a leader in location-driven planning and experiences for conference attendees.

A few years ago, organizers for an upcoming national convention arrived in Denver, Colorado. They were there in search of a custom application solution that could provide city-wide maps and information linked to all the events and locations for the stakeholders that would attend the convention.

In short order, a local developer and Stanford graduate won the contract, who then built a desktop application which exceeded the challenge set forth by the organizers. The resulting program was a huge hit, and that developer saw the full potential of providing convention organizers and attendees with a rich, interactive planning application. That custom application became known as Zerista.

Eight years later, Zerista, powered by Simpleview, has evolved into one of the most comprehensive, customizable, intuitive event applications in the market. We’re proud to be their partner in providing location intelligence capabilities that raise the bar for event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees – bringing the power of location to the full convention ecosystem.

Zerista has always carried venue maps, exhibitor information and meeting schedules – everything that would normally be provided in a huge table-sized folding map or an unwieldy PDF was optimized into an interactive map for mobile and desktop platforms. However, the developers had no desire to rest on those laurels.

“What was needed to take it to the next level” said Tyler Conley, Vice President of Sales at Zerista, “was to add location components. The next step was the ability to locate where the attendee currently is in relation to the map, to plug in where they were going, and how to get there from their current position.”

That’s when Zerista got in touch with Micello, now part of HERE.  The potential to combine the information and organization tools that Zerista created with real-time indoor mapping and location intelligence was an obvious fit.  In a matter of weeks, the Zerista team fully integrated the Venues plugin for Leaflet (an open source JavaScript framework) into their platform.

Location intelligence unlocked a new world of potential

With the new updates in place, Zerista’s platform jumped from being a reference tool, to become a full featured location-aware planning tool.

On the updated platform, users now see exactly where they are within the convention center. With a fully digitized map, they can look up the vendors they want to see, gather detailed information about that vendor, and get turn-by-turn directions on how to reach them. That mapping feature goes not only for vendors, but also for services like food courts, charging stations, and public restrooms.

This was a powerful addition, but the Zerista team still aimed higher. Utilizing not just location, but location intelligence, they created a planning tool capable of putting together a personalized list of events a visitor wants to attend. That included exhibitors, conference presentations, meetings and more. With that assembled package, location intelligence from HERE helps provide the logistics needed for that visitor to take the right routes, as well as warn a user when they may not have time to get to that next speech.

The value provided to Zerista doesn’t stop for just conference attendees. Conference organizers stand to greatly benefit from location capabilities as well. When conference attendees use the application, anonymized metrics can be shared back to the conference planners to see which exhibitors were searched for, which badges were scanned where, and how often the exhibitors’ materials were accessed through the app.

This opens up a world of possibilities for convention planners, not only to give metrics to vendors, but to provide relevant ad space within the app, detailed to the interests of the attendees.

From a humble start in Colorado, Zerista has evolved into a leader in providing location solutions for conference organizers, we’re proud to be their partner in providing location capabilities that enhance the experience for businesses and consumers. Find out more about how you can put venue information to work.

Want to see Zerista in action for yourself?  Schedule a Demo by clicking here.

This article was originally publish on HERE 360 on July 2, 2018. To see the original post visit the Here 360 blog.

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