App Automation Puts Time On Your Side


Zerista’s industry-leading event app doesn’t only make it easy for your guests to engage with your event, it also enables the automation of tedious tasks that eat up an event organizer’s time. Want to check items off your to-do list in record time? Here’s what Zerista can do for you:


Connecting your attendees to each other and to the right exhibitors and sponsors used to require complex spreadsheets and tons of time. Ditch the spreadsheets with Zerista’s advanced matchmaking features that do it all for you. We’ll maximize everyone’s valuable conference time by connecting attendees to the people they want to meet, when it works for their schedule. The best part? The configurable, step-by-step process takes almost no effort from you.

surveysLive Q&A/Surveys

Ever attended a session and had to wait for your turn at the mic to ask a question? Or maybe you’ve had to raise your hand and shout a question over a crowd in a meeting room? The struggle is real. With Zerista, your attendees can submit their questions electronically via the Zerista app. Your speakers will see the questions immediately and can choose which questions to answer, read questions aloud, and even conduct live audience polls. Live Q&As mean more engagement, less tech setup, no additional man hours, and no tech mishaps.

Are you looking for an easy way to gather feedback from your attendees? Zerista’s built-in survey features are a foolproof way to create and customize surveys. Plus, attendees submit their responses via the app so you can monitor feedback in real-time.


Whether it’s a conference, hosted buyer event, or trade show, event planners are always looking for fun, easy ways to get (and keep) their attendees engaged. Zerista makes it easy to create games that people will want to participate in! Implementing fun-to-play games and challenges is easy with multiple gaming formats, live leaderboards, and customizable achievements. Your attendees will stay engaged and have a fun, competitive experience with a minimal effort and time investment from you.


Printed materials and handouts are not only old-fashioned, they are also a huge waste of resources. Printed agendas that quickly become obsolete when the schedule changes is a waste of paper and staff time, plus it’s confusing for everyone. With Zerista, you can quickly enter schedule changes in the app, in real-time, so everyone is on the same page with where and when meetings and sessions are happening. You can also give your speakers the option of sharing printed materials with your attendees electronically: slide presentations, handouts, and other session information and materials can be easily shared and downloaded via the app without wasting paper or time.

Everything in One Place

With Zerista, you’ll find it easier and faster to stay organized and in control of all the moving parts that make up your event. You’ll manage all your meetings, sessions, sponsors, vendors, and buyers seamlessly and in one place which means less time searching for what you need and more time to get everything done!

To learn more about Zerista and all of its features, click here.

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