Take Your Audience Engagement to the Next Level

Take Your Event to the Next Level

As an event planner, you know that getting people to your event is one thing but getting them to participate is another! Make your conference, trade show, or hosted buyer event more memorable, exciting, and valuable by thinking carefully about audience engagement. Ensuring your audience is consistently engaged not only improves your attendee experience, it ensures your attendees will come back year after year. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Know Your Audience

audienceLearn all you can about your audience well before the event starts. Most conferences will be targeted toward a specific group of people. Research the companies they come from, know their age, where they’re from, and what interests they’re likely to have. Understanding who will be attending your event makes it easier to know what they’re looking for and what technology, activities, and entertainment will be most likely to engage them.

Start Before Your Event

Start EarlyGetting people talking about attending your event before it even starts is integral to audience engagement. An event app like Zerista will encourage your attendees to interact with your event and with other attendees in advance of the event. The industry-leading app makes it easy for attendees learn about your event, review available sessions, create a personalized agenda, and set up meetings. They’ll also be able to message and interact with other attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

Be A Matchmaker

matchmakingHelp your guests find each other and forge new connections using Zerista’s advanced matchmaking tools. Our interest algorithm matches attendees with each other, and with sponsors and exhibitors, based on their interests. They’ll receive personalized recommendations and maximize their conference time by finding the people and products they’re looking for.

Ask For Input

surveysIt’s always a good idea for event organizers to let their attendees know their input is important. Zerista’s survey functionality helps you gather feedback before, after, or even during sessions. Want to take it a step further? Use Zerista’s easy-to-use audience response tools including live Q&A sessions and live audience polling to help your audience engage with speakers and participate during sessions.

Play Games

gamesEncourage your attendee’s competitive spirit by creating fun games and challenges they can participate in during the event. The Zerista event app includes fun-to-play games with multiple gaming formats, live leaderboards, and customizable achievements. Consider using Zerista’s built-in radio frequency identification to track your attendees location in meeting rooms throughout your event space and reward interaction throughout the conference. Most of all, your gaming strategy should include unique incentives to promote key behaviors and reward interactions.

To learn more about Zerista and all of its features, click here.

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