Possible Changes For Apple App Store

You may have heard the buzz about upcoming changes to Apple’s App Store Guidelines and its potential impact on branded event apps. Depending on how Apple decides to enforce its new guidelines, all vendors in our industry will be forced to change the way their apps operate. The changes will require event app vendors to move to a Universal App model in which events exist within a single, vendor-branded container app. At Zerista, we’re excited about the proposed changes and for the opportunity to pave the way forward with a more modernized, efficient app delivery system.

While the new guidelines represent a major shift in the event app industry, we believe a single, vendor-branded mobile app will be beneficial for Zerista’s event owners, attendees, and event tech vendors. These benefits include:

  • Simpler app discovery
  • Higher adoption rates and engagement
  • Cross event functionality
  • More efficient updates and security patches

While the industry might be changing, Zerista’s commitment to highly personal event experiences, industry-leading technology, and exceptional customer service will never change. Dedication to our customers is our #1 priority and we thank you for your continued partnership. We will keep you notified of any changes that affect you and you’ll have our world-class support team to guide you through any transitions. Feel free to reach out to your Zerista Account Manager with any questions or concerns.

The Zerista Team