New Zerista UI Enhances Event Attendees’ Experience

We’ve got some exciting news that’s sure to make your attendees’ lives easier and drive adoption and usage of your mobile event app!

Our cool new navigation tabs
Our cool new navigation tabs

We’ve designed a new user interface, and customers are telling us that they’re navigating around the app much faster than before.

That’s because we’ve redesigned the menu options to display as a series of five navigation tabs across the bottom of the screen. In a lot of event apps, you have to tap on a tiny navigation icon in the upper, left corner of the screen – what’s known as the “hamburger icon” – in order to go and download event session material, connect with others, or post on social media tools.

Intelligent Feeds
Intelligent Feeds

With our new UI, you’ll also find smarter Activity Feeds. These are “intelligent sections” on the home page that highlight the most relevant content for individual attendees or exhibitors. Based on algorithms tailored to your event, users can see attendees or companies they should meet, sessions they should attend, and get updates on those sessions. This mobile experience creates a more dynamic environment, which brings users back again and again. Plus, it pulls content forward so users engage with the things that are most important to you, the event owner.

In the new Zerista UI, your attendees also get more powerful social media tools. For example, users can now insert photos of sessions in their event social posts, and they can “like” and reply to others’ posts.

Why Easy is Good

Going with an app that’s easy to use and offers smart, continuously updated feeds is one of the most effective ways to drive adoption and usage. In turn, you make it easier for attendees to more fully engage in your event. Plus, you pump up support for your sponsors and suppliers.

If your app is easy to use, your attendees are more likely to:

  • access meeting agendas, session content and other information
  • take part in real-time surveys
  • schedule one-on-one meetings with vendors
  • participate in games
  • post social media messages
Give Attendees a Personalized Experience

The changes we’ve made to Zerista also help you give attendees a more personalized experience. When you create a custom experience for attendees, they’ll be more interested in using their app. So, it’s extremely important to choose technology that continually updates information on which sessions to attend, as well as which exhibitors and partners to visit. You can also offer a customized library of presentations and exhibitor collateral, as well as arrange one-on-one meetings based on individual interests.

Build a Central Platform

The most successful event apps create a nexus point for everything your attendees do at the event. Be careful not to create an environment where there are other web sites, devices or apps your attendees need to use. Your central gathering place should be the point of engagement where attendees can take session surveys, participate in a poll or watch streaming video of your keynote. To make your app convenient and the easiest to use, make sure it is an “anywhere” and “any device” solution. That means it should work as a native app, a mobile web app, as well as a desktop solution.

A single source of engagement will help drive your adoption rate—and boost audience engagement. My advice: When shopping for an event app provider, make sure the tech can integrate with just about any digital solution to provide a hub for everything people need to do at your event.

Can your attendees easily navigate around your app? Can you give them a personalized experience with continuously updated information that’s relevant to their interests? And, is there a central hub where they can accomplish everything they need to do – and on any device?

To learn how you can make your attendees’ lives easier with a mobile event app, schedule a demo of the new Zerista today!

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