Your Smart Event Technology Solution


Your Smart Event Technology Solution

Zerista Is A Content-Heavy Engagement Tool. A Rich Desktop Experience. Pre and Post-Event Engagement. Personalized Matchmaking and Networking. Year-Round Event Marketing. It’s An Event App + More

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Zerista supports iPhone, Android, and Desktop

Your event, in the palm of your hand

With decades of experiences in the event industry, our team at Zerista created one of the most comprehensive, customizable, and intuitive event apps on the market—all backed by our world-class support team.


Tailored App for Events

We learn about your event, and use our expertise to provide an intuitive digital experience. Zerista lets you customize your event on the fly—change sections on the home tab, update colors or branding, all without resubmitting to the Apple or Google Play stores.


Message, Share, and Meet

Connect everyone before, during, and after the event through an integrated social feed where everyone can like, comment, and share, direct messages, and availability-aware, 1-to-1 meeting creation.


Surveys & Feedback

Gather live feedback during sessions, or right after a meeting for Hosted Buyer events, or ask for overall feedback at the end of a show. We integrate with industry standards in survey solutions, so you can use tools you already know and love.


One-Stop Event Management

Manage all of your event apps, with an easy-to-use admin interface. Keep an eye on important analytics, add or update your branding and colors, setup special roles and permissions based for user groups, all in one place.

Virtual Events

Zerista offers enterprise event management software to support your virtual events. Learn More


Engage your customers with personalized experiences

From giant life-science events with over 50,000 people, to small, niche events, Zerista makes it simple to see all the most relevant people, sessions, and companies for your customers at a glance.


Smart Matching

Zerista finds the most relevant people, sessions, and exhibitors at an event for your clients. By highlighting recommendations, your clients spend less time searching, and more time thinking about how they should already be registered for your next show.


Preferred Meetings

Zerista event app provides great suggestions for who you should meet. For Hosted Buyer events, we go a step further and let attendees and exhibitors decide who they want to meet with. That way, you can be sure they’re happy with their meetings before they even get to the show.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Give your exhibitors and sponsors modern tools to succeed

Zerista Leads App

Zerista offers a reliable, fast way to collect rich leads via QR code scanning that unlocks detailed profiles with contact information. We bring more people together with booth appointments and face-to-face opportunities for your exhibitors and attendees

Rich Profiles with Digital Collateral

Exhibitors and sponsors can share their cutting-edge digital marketing on the fly, inlcuding video, audio, documents, links and more. Zerista makes it easy for exhibitors to get more qualified leads before, during, and after the event through their profiles.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Zerista can pay for itself, and then some. Take advantage of a dozen new sponsorship opportunities for your events, including targeted marketing to land more qualified leads—and all of this comes with detailed analytics showing the sponsors’ ROI.

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Conference organizers love our integrations experts

We integrate with all of the best companies in the industry, most of them you’re probably already using. If you have a way to push us data, we’ll make the process as seamless as possible.



Surveys & RFID
Gimbal Technologies


When you give rewards, you’ll receive rewards.

Get your clients into the game. Zerista makes gaming easy to setup for you, and fun to play for your customers. Bring out the competitive nature in your audience to increase their digital interaction with your event.

Live Leaderboard

Award points for key actions within the app, motivating your audience to improve their scores and rise to the top within a fun, competitive environment. Decide which interactions get how many points, drive specific behaviors, and put interaction activation on autopilot.

Custom Achievements

Keep attendees coming back to the app with unique incentives, promoting key behaviors and rewarding interactions. From adding a session, to live, time-based QR code scans, we’ll help you design a gaming strategy that best suits your event and its content.

One Show, Multiple Games

Let your audience play multiple games, from one app. Setup custom rules for attendees vs exhibitors, or create different games for different days, Zerista supports several game modes to engage different audiences at one show.

Integrate RFID

With Zerista’s RFID integration, you can automatically identify who’s nearby and where who’s been by capturing interaction data to improve engagement on the show floor.

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